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Private Chef & Mobile Caterer

Serving up good ole' American cuisines & more!

Hello, I’m Chef Josh.

A seasoned ServSafe Professional and culinary expert based in Atlanta, ​Georgia, with 18 years of dedicated experience. From my roots in family ​restaurants to exploring international cuisines, including Thai, Italian, ​Mexican, and more, I bring a versatile and passionate approach to my ​craft.

Specializing in private chef services and mobile food catering, I've had the ​honor of curating exceptional dining experiences for fortune 500 ​companies, special events, and private gatherings. Whether it's an intimate ​anniversary or a grand corporate gala, I excel at tailoring menus to ​individual tastes and dietary needs.

My commitment to professionalism, reliability, and creating unforgettable ​culinary moments ensures your event's success. Trust me to bring ​expertise and creativity to your next gathering, crafting a dining journey that ​lingers in memory long after the plates are cleared.

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